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We are delighted to announce the following awards for 2012:

1. The openBIM BUILD QATAR LIVE 2012 Award
Criteria: Simply the best overall BIM effort voted by the judges
2. Best use of BIM for Design, Drama and Excitement 
Criteria: compliance to the brief
Criteria: The most exciting design etc. 
Criteria: the best visualisation, presentation and AVI to explain the design
3. Best Multi-disciplinary BIM  & use of Interoperability
Criteria: involvement of multiple disciplines and applications
Criteria: use of technology to ‘check’ the design 
Criteria: continuous updating of the public collaboration server
4. Best use of BIM for sustainability or constructability 
Criteria: the best 4D model
Criteria: incorporation of ‘green design’
Criteria:  the best set of construction drawings, or cost analysis, or FM package 
5. Judges Discretionary Awards   

The judges will be drawn from the OpenBIM community and will include client, professional and construction representatives. Their decisions and comments will be announced four-five hours after the close of the server at midday +48 hours. The material submitted will be retained for the use of buildingSMART OpenBIM and for publicity, promotion, education and testing.