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Announcing Build Qatar Live 2012 - November 27th - 29th

48 hours to make design work for Qatar!

Event Dates

This is a 48 hour virtual design collaboration starting on Tuesday, November 27th 2012 - Noon AST and running through to Thursday, November 29th 2012 - Noon AST.

What is a BUILD LIVE Event?

New technology is revolutionising the way buildings are designed and how the public can be engaged in the process. By using the power of collaborative working in the cloud and international developments in interoperability, Build Qatar Live shows the power of these new paradigms for architecture, engineering, planning and construction. Through cloud-based collaboration the event is open to worldwide participation.

The Challenge

On November 27th - Noon AST, a specially chosen and internationally known site in Qatar will be announced, along with a brief for a significant multi-use development. All the key information will be published in interoperable formats. Teams will be free to exploit any interoperable technology and to add updates to a public collaboration-site and all visitors will be free to comment.

Teams will be asked to develop an outline proposal by midday on the Wednesday.  The event will conclude at midday on Thursday and will be followed shortly afterwards will presentations to the press and a final jury will make a number of awards with the BuildingSmart International executives.


Teams from around the world are invited to register in advance. The timetable is designed to allow people to contribute within their normal working hours or outside.


Awards will be made under three categories. Prizes that include free software licences will be announced by the sponsors prior to the event.